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Mental Health Treatment: Compass Pathways And Greenbrook TMS Join Forces For Psilocybin Therapy Research Exploring Psilocybin Therapy: Research Collaboration Between Compass Pathways And Greenbrook TMS

Research Collaboration

Biotechnology company Compass Pathways plc (CMPS) and Greenbrook TMS Inc (GBNH) have struck a three-year research collaboration agreement to study delivery models for investigational COMP360 psilocybin treatment.

Scope of the Partnership

The collaboration aims to research and investigate models for the delivery of scalable, commercial COMP360 within healthcare systems, assuming FDA approval.

Initial Focus

The initial phase will involve research into the delivery of COMP360 at treatment centers across the U.S. catering to people suffering from treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and other mental health conditions.

Breakthrough Therapy Designation

COMP360 has been designated a “Breakthrough Therapy” by the FDA for TRD.

Future Plans

Compass has initiated a phase 3 clinical program of COMP360 in TRD with the intention to apply for FDA approval upon completion of clinical trials.

CEO Statement

“Whilst we urgently need more innovative medicines in mental health care, it is just as essential to deliver them at pace to people in greatest need,” said Compass Pathways CEO Kabir Nath.

Price Action: CMPS shares are trading lower by 5.52% at $9.08 on the last check Friday.

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