About Us

It all started on a park bench in the summer of 2022. Our founder Russ was chatting stocks and tech trends with his friend Anna during their lunch break. As scientists working at hot startups, they were always abuzz about the latest innovations spilling out of R&D labs—from AI to synthetic biology to quantum computing.

But with their heads buried in their specialized projects all day, they struggled to keep pace with how these breakthroughs were impacting business and investment. “I hear Amazon just bought that robotics company—if only we understood this stuff sooner, we could have owned some shares!”

The proverbial lightbulb went off. These conversations were a blast—but they kept realizing the big money moves AFTER things hit the headlines. What if there was a publication out there focusing just on tracking explosive cutting edge companies BEFORE they became household names?

Wired In Markets was born soon after on that park bench, scribbled on a napkin. We started as a scrappy but spirited finance and technology blog, determined to find the most visionary companies and compelling investments just hitting their stride. Years later, we’re now a thriving digital publication with millions of globe-spanning readers.

Our small team of journalists and technologists still run on the thrill of spotlighting world-positive companies sculpting the future. Sure, the stakes are higher now and napkin sketching mostly replaced by Slack pings. But that core spirit of smart friends sharing conversations about big tech and big money trends remains at the heart of Wired In Markets. We hope our intrepid community of leading-edge investors feels at home here too!