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Exploring Dermata Therapeutics’ Stock Surge Exploring Dermata Therapeutics’ Stock Surge

Dermata Therapeutics Inc DRMA stock was trading higher Friday after the company announced the issuance of a new patent in Japan for its DMT410 program for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating that’s not always related to heat or exercise).

The patent, entitled “Compositions for the treatment of skin conditions” (Japanese Patent No. 7395576), further strengthens Dermata’s intellectual property for DMT410 for hyperhidrosis and could lead to further protections for additional indications.

“We believe this patent issuance further validates DMT410’s novel concept to easily deliver botulinum toxin topically instead of requiring patients to receive multiple injections,” said Gerry Proehl, Dermata’s Chairman, President, and CEO.

“We also believe there are opportunities to use DMT410 to treat many aesthetic skin conditions like reducing pore number and size, decreasing sebum production, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, all while improving the look and quality of facial skin,” he added.

“We also believe this new patent could aid us in our partnership discussions with a company that has a botulinum toxin to further develop the DMT410 program for multiple indications,” Proehl noted.

DMT410 is the company’s combination treatment regimen that uses the unique mechanical features of the Company’s Spongilla technology to facilitate the intradermal delivery of botulinum toxin by topical application rather than through multiple injections with a needle.

The company has completed proof-of-concept Phase 1 clinical trials using DMT410 in combination with widely used BOTOX for primary axillary hyperhidrosis and multiple aesthetic skin conditions. Both studies showed promising efficacy results and appeared safe and well tolerated by patients.

Price Action: DRMA shares were up 31% to 80 cents at last check Friday.

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